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Sanima Hydro Team


Mr. Arun Kumar Ojha

Mr. Arun Kumar Ojha, an entrepreneur, M. Sc. in Geology, has more than 13 years of experiences in the field of Hydropower Projects study, planning and development. He was awarded with the Gold Medal for his Academic Achievement honored by "Mahendra Bidya Bhusan Kha" from the State. He has been involving in Strategic Planning, Team Management & overall development of the Company. He is dedicated to bring significant positive changes through investment in Hydropower sector and other business ventures. He is in the position of Executive Chairman for Sanima Hydropower (P.) Ltd. He holds the position of Chairman for other Companies too.

Mr. Binaya Kumar Shrestha

Mr. Binaya Kumar Shrestha holds Master of Science in Engineering (Specialization in soil mechanics, footings and foundations) from Makeyevka Civil Engineering Institute, Makeyevka, Ukraine. He's worked as Civil Engineer for New Energetic Co., Moscow. He is playing key role as a Board of Directors for Sanima (P.) Ltd, which holds a controlling share on Kantipur Television Network (P.) Ltd. and Medicare National Research Hospital. As well Mr.Shrestha is the founder member of Sanima Development Financial Institution. Mr. Shrestha is currently holding a chain of Electronics Business & Restaurant Business in Russia.

Mr. Ram Krishna Shah

Mr. Ram Krishna Shah holds Master of Sciences in Civil Engineering with Distinction from Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, Belarus. Mr. Shah has worked in a number of organizations as Marketing Manager for Sanima, Moscow, Russia: Senior Engineer (visiting) for Sanima Hydropower (P) Ltd., Nepal, and Engineer Evaluator for Orbita Bank, Moscow, Russia, and Civil Engineer for Department of Road. He is playing key role as a member of Board of Directors for Sanima (P.) Ltd, which holds a controlling share on Kantipur Television Network (P.) Ltd. and Medicare National Research Hospital. As well Mr. Shah is the founder member of Sanima Development Financial Institution. Mr. Shah is currently holding Chain of Electronics Business & Restaurant Business in Russia.


Dr. Upendra Mahato

Dr. Upendra Mahato is the Founding President of the International Coordination Council of Non-Resident Nepali Association, a global organization of Nepalese living around the world that aims to bring Nepali communities of different countries together for the cause of a peaceful and prosperous Nepal.

A well known international entrepreneur,social worker and philanthropist, Dr. Mahato holds a Ph.D and D.Sc degrees in Soil Mechancis of Landslides from International Academy of Information Tehnology, Minsk, Belarus.

He was awarded withe the title 'Manager of the Year-2007' in Russia, organised by Free Economic Society of Russia and International Academy of Management under the support of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation since 1997. Dr. Mahato is the first foreign national to receive the prestigious award in Russia. Dr. Mahato has made large investments in healthcare, education, media, telecommunication, hydropower, finance and banking sectors in Nepal.



Mr. Jiba Nath Lamichhane

Mr Lamichhane holds Master of Sciences in Civil Engineering from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering,Moscow,Russia.

Though he is a civil engineer by acadamic degree,but he is engaged in number of business and social organizations both in Nepal and abroad.

He is now serving as Vice President of Russia Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( RNCCI ).He is the President of International Coordination Council ( ICC ) of the Non Resident Nepali Association ( NRNA ),a global non-profitable social organization dedicated to a vision of making Nepal a peaceful and prosperous nation.

He has also contributed for the development of Nepali literature abroad by translating and publishing the literary works of Nepali writers.Besidesthis, he has helped various schools,hospitals,library,orphanage and other charity organizations at home and abroad financially.Mr Lamichhane is the patron of Khem Lal--Hari Kala Lamichhane Social Welfare Foundation ( KHELSOWF ),established in Chitwan.He is actively involved in Help Nepal Netwrks ( HENN ),a global charity organization.

Mr Lamichhane is also associated with Kantipur Engineering College and he is at the board of directors at Acme Engineering College and Medicare National Hospital,Kathmandu. He is also at the board of directors at Kantpur Television Networks.Besides these,he is also associted to Sanima Bank, Mahajee Films Pvt Ltd and Molnia Power Pvt Ltd.

Mr Lamichhane is the Managing Director of Nectar International FZCO,Dubai,UAE and director of Technotrust Co.Limited, Moscow.

Mr. Khem Raj Lamichhane

Mr. Lamichhane holds Graduation from Russian Institute .Mr. Lamichhane is a Member of Russia-Nepal (CIS) Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia-Nepal Cultural Association. He's worked as Director for Bagmati International, Moscow, Russia; Promoter for Medicare National Hospital Centre, Katmandu, Kantipur Television Network, Sanima Bank Ltd. Mr. Lamichhane is currently holding chain of Electronics Business & Restaurant Business in Russia..

Dr. Niraj Govinda Shrestha

Dr. Shrestha holds PhD in Technical Science from International Academy of Information Technology from Former Byelorussian State Polytechnic Academy Minsk, Belarus. He has worked as a senior design engineer in Nippon Koei for Sunasari Morang Irrigation Project. He's actively involved as executive officer for International business in CIS countries and also in Poland, Germany, Cyprus, Great Britain, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. He's worked as Promoter for Vastok International Pvt. Ltd, Adviser for Russia Nepal Chamber of Commerce & Industry, “Sintwz MM” as well he has worked as Director for Crude Oil Business in BNJ Holding Ltd. Nicosia, Cyprus. Mr.Shrestha also holds the position of Board of Director in Sanima Bank Ltd.

Mr. Ghanashyam Thapa

 Mr. Thapa holds a degree in Master in Business Administration. He's worked as a Marketing Manager for Sanima Group, Moscow, Russia. He is a person with sound managerial experience in planning and marketing of electronic goods as well as with experience in commercial sector management. He is playing a key role as a member of the Board of Directors for Sanima (P.) Ltd, which holds a controlling share on Kantipur Television Network (P.) Ltd. and Medicare National Research Hospital. Mr.Thapa is one of the founder members of Sanima Bank Ltd. Mr. Thapa is currently holding Electronics Business & Chain of Restaurant Business in Russia



Dr. Subarna Das Shrestha

  Dr. Subarna Das Shrestha, awarded with Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences (Hydro-technical and Land Reclamation Construction) has been involving in the hydropower projects since the establishment of Sanima Hydropower (P.) Ltd. He possesses wide range of knowledge both in technical field and on policies and acts relating to hydropower development in Nepal including environmental study procedures and financing aspects of the projects. He has 13 years of long working experience focused mainly in the field of hydropower development and environmental assessment. He is also one of the key personnels in Sanima Hydro team. Currently he holds the position of Managing Director for Sanima Hydro & Engineering Private Limited, one of the sister organization of Sanima Hydropower (P.) Ltd.

Dr. Jugal Bhurtel

Dr. Bhurtel was awarded with PhD degree in Environmental Engineering from Yamaguchi University, Ube, Japan. He completed his Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand and in Civil Engineering (with Honors) from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia. He is one of a key professional in Sanima Hydro team and brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the company on technical and policy matters on hydropower development in Nepal. Currently he holds the position of the Chairperson for Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd., Managing Director of Tamor Sanima Energy Pvt. Ltd. and Director of Sanima Bank Limited.  He frequently writes on political and social issues in leading Nepali newspapers and magazines.

Mr. Tuk Prasad Paudel

Mr. Tuk Prasad Paudel, a Hydropower Engineer, M. Sc. in Hydraulics and Hydropower, has more than 19 years experience in Hydropower Projects study, planning and development. He is expert in hydropower development and has experience in the field of project management. He is involved in overall project development phases related with Sanima Hydro. Currently he is in the position of Cheif Executive officer for Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd.

Mr. Ajoy Karki

 Ajoy Karki is a water resources engineer with 20 years experience in the management, design and study of hydropower, rural electrification and renewable energy projects both in Nepal and internationally. He holds a Master of Science degree in Hydraulic Engineering, (Branch: River Engineering and River Basin Development) from IHE-UNESCO, The Netherlands (2000). His international experience covers over 10 countries in Asia and Africa for multinational agencies such as the Asian Development Bank, German Bank for Reconstruction (KfW), USAID, UNEP and Winrock International. He is in the position of Senior Technical Advisor for Sanima Hydropower (P.) Ltd.

Mr. Hari Shankar Shrestha

  Mr. Hari Shankar Shrestha, a Hydropower Engineer, holds M. Sc. in Hydropower Development and Hydraulics. He has more than 19 years experience in Hydropower Projects study, planning and development. He has been involved as design team leader and technical adviser in Khimti (60 MW), Sunkoshi small hydropower project (2.5 MW), Khudi (4 MW) and Pheme small hydropower projects (1 MW) which are in operation. He has also been involved in detail design and feasibility of different hydropower projects which are in implementation phase. At present he is pursuing PhD in Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Tronheim Norway.

Mr. Bhoj Raj Paudel

 Mr Bhoj Raj Paudel,a Hydropower Engineer with around 17 years experience holds master degree in hydropower development from Norweigian Science and Technology (NTNY).He is responsible for planning and construction of Mai Hydropower Project (15.6 MW) and is under starting stage.He is involved in construction of more than 4 numbers of Hydropower Project .He was involved in Jhimruk(12 MW) ,Khimti(60 MW) ,Sunkoshi (2.5 MW) ,Pheme Khola(1 MW) .He has worked as a Headwork Engineer in Sunkoshi Hydropower Project as a Residence engineer for construction of (1MW) Pheme Khola Small Hydropower Project .He is in the position of Residence Engineer for construction of Mai Hydropower Project (22 MW)

Mr. Sameer Rijal

  Mr.Sameer P. Rijal holds an  Executive Master Degree of Business Administration(EMBA) from Ace Institute of Management ,Kathmandu, Nepal.He has over 8 years of experience in financial management in hydropower, FMCG products and tourism sector.He is responsible for planning,management and finalization of company's books of account. He is Head of Finance Department in Sanima Mai  Hydropower Ltd.

Ms. Nirja Rajbhandari

 Ms. Nirja Rajbhandari holds a Master degree in Water Science and Engineering with specialization in Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development ,The Netherland (2010).She has over 6 years of experience in hydropower sector.She is responsible for hydropower project design, feasiblity studies ,hydrological analysis and modelling and detailed feasibility studies of different projects.She is in the positon of Senior Engineer for Sanima Hydro and Engineering (P).Ltd

Mr. Maheswor Maharjan

   Mr. Maheswor Maharjan holds a Bachelor Degrees in Civil Engineering and has over 9 years of work experience in hydropower, building and road construction & other civil engineering related activities. He is responsible for detailed feasibility study, lay-out design, of different projects.